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How Can a Health Coach Help Me?

  • I use my knowledge, training and education in nutrition and wellness to help you with a variety of health concerns

  • I help educate and empower you so you can take full control of your own body and health

  • I will help you develop a nutrition plan that works for you and your situation

  • I will help you identify challenges and obstacles that are stopping you from reaching your goals

  • I will provide you with the help, support and accountability that you need to succeed

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About Me


My name is Jennifer Dunn.  I am a Nutritionist and Certified Health and Wellness Coach.  I want to help you live the healthiest life you can live.  I offer coaching services that help you take control of your health so you can live life to the fullest.  

I know living a healthy lifestyle is not always the easiest thing to do.  Life gets busy and we feel like we are being pulled in a thousand different directions.  I understand the stress and pressure that leads to not always making the best decisions.  Unfortunately, one bad decision after another can lead to longterm health issues that some never recover from.  Let me help you to lead a healthy lifestyle, one where you are in control of your health and wellbeing.

Together we can get you headed down the right path.  Let's get started today!

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What is a Discovery Call?

A discovery call is simply a phone conversation for you and I to discuss your current health situation, your goals, struggles and what you hope to achieve from working together.  

During this call I will explain how my program works and we can decide if working together would be beneficial for for you.  

It is NOT a high pressure sales call.  I believe my most successful clients are those who are 100% committed and make the choice to change their lives, not those who have been "sold" something.   


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