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Personalized Nutrition Blueprint

Are you ready to take control of your health and well-being?  The first step is understanding your body's needs.  How much is too much?  Do I need more of this or less of that?  

With my Personalized Nutrition Blueprint, you will get a personalized macro breakdown based on your lifestyle and activity level, so you no longer have to wonder how much you should be eating.

Personalized Nutrition Blueprint

Overview of Personalized Nutrition Blueprint:

  • Two Private One-on-One Calls

  • Personalized macro breakdown based on your lifestyle and activity level

  • Email with your Personalized Nutrition Blueprint

  • First call is to discuss goals (weight loss, ending sugar addiction, balancing blood sugar, etc.)

  • Informational material based on call topic

  • Personalized goal setting and achievement plan


Based on what we discussed and your goals, I will create a plan for you and email your Personalized Nutrition Blueprint.  This will include calories, macronutrients, and guidance on the kind of plan that will be best for your lifestyle and your goals. 

In the second call, we will discuss the blueprint and go over any questions you may have.

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