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Changing one life at a time


I sincerely thank you for helping me begin a journey to a healthier lifestyle.  It has been great working with you and I would do it again 100x.

I had tried several diets in my life and IF they worked it was short lived and I always went back to my old habits.  I realized my children were watching me and taking in everything I said about my body and food.  One day it hit me, I realized I am showing my children a very unhealthy way to eat and live.  I was passing on the struggle of dieting and eating unhealthy to them.  Honestly, I was confused about what healthy looked like. I thought, how can I teach my family to be healthy if I do not truly understand what healthy eating is.  My goal was to find out what foods are truly healthy food.  I was confused to what was best (Low fat? low calorie? Low carb?) I wanted to find out.  So out of desperation to be able to pass on to my children and understand what healthy looks like I ask Jennifer for help.  And of course, I wanted to lose weight, but honestly that was not my biggest goal.  When I began the first few weeks things were slow and I kind of wondered if this was actually going to work because it was not hard.  She wasn’t asking me to do anything hard, I thought I would be cleaning out pantries and replacing with foods she said I needed, but it wasn’t like that.  Jennifer understood that slow and steady wins and helped me to realize that it is not about the scale and it is not just jumping in and changing everything on day one.  It is a process and if you change little things they add up to big things.  It seems slow at first – because it was small things she asked me to do.  I thought ok that is not a big deal I can do that.  All the small changes began to add up and now I feel like I have a big change from 3 months ago.  It is not just how I eat, but I feel better, I think differently about what healthy truly looks like. I know I will continue to move forward changing little things and look back a year from now and say I am healthier today than I was a year ago.  My family sees it too and they are beginning to want to make better choices themselves.  I feel like I reached my goal of becoming overall   healthier person.  I still have a long way to be the person I envision but I am closer, and I know I will get there.  Thank you Jennifer for helping me, your sincere passion for helping others to be healthier has changed my life. 


Working with Jennifer was one of the best decisions I have ever made concerning my health.  She taught me so much about food and nutrition and also how I can enjoy life when it comes to eating different foods while still taking care of myself.  She talks about investing in your health now or investing in medical bills later and I truly believe she is right.  I was headed down a path that I know would have led to diabetes and who knows what other medical conditions and now I feel like I have a firm grip on my health and understand the decisions I make and the impact they have.  I am so thankful for a friend referring me to Jennifer and I would definitely recommend her program. 

Karen S.

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